About Us


PTP Conto Bene Jeans Novi Pazar is engaged in manufacturing jeans since 1997. Brand Conto Bene Jeans is present and noticeable in our fashion scene and is intended for both women and men. Collections are facing youthful modern look: trousers, jeans, denim jackets and skirts, vests, shorts from jeans and twill.

Conto Bene Jeans collection consists of more than 100 models for each season at an affordable price with top quality. Conto Bene Brand Jeans is one of the high ranking brands which manufactures clothes at home and abroad.
Extensive sales network in the region of Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Russia, Albania seems Conto Bene Jeans for widespread one of the brands on the market. Our main office is in Novi Pazar at Sava Kovacevic bb, wholesale company located in Belgrade, Zemun, Ugrinovacka 201.

In addition to producing premium jeans clothing, we are selling materials and raw materials, and in our warehouses at any time can find more than 200 kinds of materials, with more than 1 000 000 meters of denim and over 200 000m various twill and other top-quality fabric.

Because most modern machines for modeling, sewing and processing of denim, the daily production capacity of denim products is 4000 pieces.

We offer sewing and processing of jeans for other people. Most modern technology used and Italian machines for jeans give us the right to say that we are able to get jeans of top quality and looks.